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Check-in app for cafes, building sites, shopping centres the new normal?

A software firm has introduced an app, 1Breadcrumb, that tracks customer visits as they check in and out of restaurants and businesses they visit. Founder Paul Willson said reopening Australia for business means ensuring venues can feel confident in quickly tracing impacted patrons if there’s another outbreak of COVID-19. “Businesses need to be able to access information about who has been on site, for how long, and who they interacted with – in case of a secondary outbreak,” he said.

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“We’ll lose players”: Premier Division club president has dire concerns over delaying EFNL season

Doncaster East president Peter Sowersby has leapt to the defence of season 2020, voicing concerns about the state of the competition and its clubs should it be cancelled prematurely. The Premier Division club made its long-awaited step up to the league’s top division last season, winning the Division 1 premiership. Clubs are split over whether to play this season, and league transfers remain open until June 30. “We’ve got an app that our club’s going to use that’s called 1Breadcrumb – anyone that walks into Zerbes, they fill in a questionnaire and it checks you in and out,” Sowersby said.

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App aims to kickstart the real estate market

As the real estate industry continues to adjust to the new norms brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, an app developer explains how the surety of knowing where people are and who they are with is key to getting the sector moving again. In a conversation with Real Estate Business, 1breadcrumb founder Paul Willson explained how the app he developed — which is a check-in, check-out service — is helping agents do get back to normal.  

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The 1breadcrumb app has recently been developed as a one-touch solution to exiting COVID-19 lockdown in line with the hospitality industry’s health and safety framework, allowing patrons to safely check-in and out of venues. 1breadcrumb is also offering the platform free to all not for profit and community/sporting organisations. 1Breadcrumb Founder Paul Willson advises “1breadcrumb is quick and easy to use as an alternative to the Federal Government’s COVID-19 app, ensuring businesses are able to quickly trace anyone who has been in contact with a guest, patron or staff member diagnosed with Coronavirus.  

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