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Find answers to basic set up questions and trouble shooting issues below

How do I create my 1Breadcrumb profile?

  • Download the 1Breadcrumb app via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  • Enable your location settings and Motion and Fitness Activity
  • Enter your phone number
  • Verify your phone number by entering the code sent to you via text message
  • Create a password
  • Fill in your personal information and upload a profile picture

Your 1Breadcrumb profile is now all set up!

Who can see my personal information?

The only people who can view information you provide on check in is the business who has set up the geofenced site. This information only includes your name and phone number, as well as any information you have provided when answering check in and check out questions. Other personal information such as your documents, date of birth and profile picture is not shared on check-in unless you provide them.

How do I store documents on my profile?

Upload any relevant site documents under the ‘My Cards’ button on your profile.

  • Press on the ‘Profile’ button at the bottom of your screen
  • Press the orange ‘My Cards’ button under your name
  • Press the blue circular ‘+’ button on the bottom right hand side of your screen
  • Select your document type from the drop down box
  • Enter the expiry date
  • Upload a picture of your document from your camera or gallery
  • Agree to the terms of use by checking the box
  • Press the green ‘Submit’ button

You will now have the ability to view, store and share these documents at any time via the ‘My Cards’ button

How do I check in to a site via the 1Breadcrumb app?

  • Open your profile page
  • Press the green “Check-In” button
  • Select your site via the drop-down box at the top of the screen
  • Answer any set check-in questions
  • Press the green “Check-In” button


  • Press the green ‘”Scan Site QR Code”
  • Allow camera access
  • Scan the site’s unique QR code
  • Answer any set check-in questions
  • Press the green “Check In” button

How do I check in without the 1Breadcrumb app?

Visitors who visit a site and do not have the 1Breadcrumb app have the ability to be checked in manually via a hosted check-in OR by scanning a sites QR code with their camera and completing a web form check-in. These check-in functions however do not allow individuals to answer check-in questions or view announcements set by the administrator

To check-in via a hosted check-in using an administrator’s or hosts’ app…

  • Press the “Host Check-In” button on the bottom of the screen
  • Select the appropriate site to check in to
  • Press the “Manual Check-In” drop-down box
  • Enter the visitor’s phone number, as well as their first and last name
  • Press the orange “Check-In” button
  • Answer any check-in questions
  • Press the green “Check-In” button

Please note, that this person must also be manually checked out and answer any relevant questions when they leave site.

To check-in via a web form check-in…

  • Open your phone’s camera
  • Scan the site QR code
  • Fill in the webform with your first name, last name, and phone number
  • Answer any relevant questions
  • Press the blue “Check In” button

Please note that a web form check-in will automatically check you out after a period of time designated by the administrator (e.g. 11:59 pm), and is therefore not necessarily the most accurate way to collect data about time spent on site. If possible, check-in via the 1Breadcrumb app or a hosted check-in is preferred.

Do I need to have the app on my phone to check in or can I just use the camera?

If your site has anonymous check-in enabled, a QR code will be available to scan for check-in on entry. You can scan this QR code with your camera and sign into the site via a webform instead of using the 1Breadcrumb app.

If the site does not have anonymous check-in enabled, you must download the 1Breadcrumb app and click the green “Check-In” button to check-in. Otherwise, a user with the host check-in function can sign you in via a manual hosted check-in on their app.

What is an accompanying person?

An accompanying person is someone a user is checking in with. To save time when checking in a large group, accompanying people can be checked in as a +1, rather than individually checking in every person separately.

How can I check others in and out manually?

To check in others, a hosted check-in can be performed. Please note that only those with the host check-in function enabled by administrators can perform this action.

To perform a hosted check-in via the 1Breadcrumb app…

  • Press the “Host Check-In” button at the bottom of the screen
  • Press the “Manual Check-In” dropdown box
  • Fill out the information on first name, last name, and phone number
  • Press the orange “Check-In” button
  • Answer any relevant check-in questions
  • Press the green “Check-In” button

In order to check a visitor out via the hosted check-in function…

  • Search and/or select the visitor wishing to check out
  • Press the red “check out” button
  • Answer the relevant check out questions
  • Press the green “Check Out” button

Can I scan someone else’s profile to check them in?

Yes, however only if you have the hosted check-in ability. To do this, press the host check-in button at the bottom of the screen, followed by the green ‘Scan User QR Code’ button.

What’s the difference between the check in button and the scan site QR code?

The ‘Check-In’ button allows you to check-in to the site remotely with your phone using location settings to determine the public site you’re close to. The ‘Scan Site QR Code’ button allows you to sign in to sites that are not set to the public by scanning their unique QR code.

Do I need to check in to a site I regularly visit?

All site visitors are required to check in to sites they visit at least once. If your manager has enabled the automatic check-in function on a site you visit, 1Breadcrumb will automatically check you into that site following your first initial check-in every time after. Please note, to be automatically checked in to your site you must enable location settings and must have checked in to this site at least once before.

How does 1Breadcrumb automatically check me in and out of site?

1Breadcrumb can only automatically check you in and out of the site if the user’s location settings are enabled. Once enabled, the app has the ability to recognize when a user has entered a geofence, and therefore check the user in automatically. When a user leaves the geofence, the app will recognize you they are no longer inside the geofence and will automatically check the user out.

For automatic check-in to occur, the user must have checked into the site at least one time prior.

What if I am on site and cannot check in?

If you are on-site and cannot check-in, check to make sure your location settings are enabled. If location settings are enabled, press the grey settings cog in the bottom right-hand corner. Pull the page down to refresh your location pinpoint. Press the orange ‘Advanced Settings’ button, followed by ‘Share My Location’. This will show you where your phone has pinpointed your phone to be on the map. If this location is incorrect, please speak to a site supervisor, as a geofence may not exist or be currently active at your location, or your phone may be having issues with its internal location settings.

What if I forget to check in?

If your site manager has allowed the site to have the automatic check in function on, 1Breadcrumb will automatically sign you in if it detects a prior visitor within its zone. Otherwise, you will need to check in via the app, a hosted check in or via a webform check in

What if I forget to check out?

1Breadcrumb can detect when a checked in device has exited the geo-fenced bubble for a prolonged period of time, and will automatically check the device out of site. A visitor who has not enabled location settings, or has been manually checked in will need to check out ASAP after remembering. Otherwise, 1Breadcrumb automatically checks all users out of the site at the end of the day at 11:59pm to start fresh for the following day.

What is a multiple site check in?

Multiple site check in’s can be used for checking into different areas of a large or multi-level site. This gives businesses’ the ability to understand who has checked in to different areas of a large ground and helps to mitigate the risk of overcrowding an area for health and safety purposes.

Can I check into multiple areas on site?

Yes. If the multiple check-in function for a site is enabled, multiple areas of that site can be checked in to. Multiple site check-in can be enabled by pressing on the left-hand side menu ‘Sites’, ‘Manage Site’, ‘Edit Info’, and selecting ‘Enable’ under the ‘Multiple Check-In’ menu.

How can I view the number of people checked in on site currently?

This function is only available to those with the host check in capability. To see how many people are currently checked in on site…

  • Press the ‘Host Check In’ button at the bottom of the screen

A total number of ‘People on Site’ will appear in a red box, as well as a list of names of all those currently on site in real time.

Can a site ask me for a card on entry to a site?

Yes, a site can be set up to request documentation on the check-in to a site. This can be set up via the webportal by pressing the left-hand side menu ‘Sites’, ‘Questions’, ‘+ Add Documents’.

How do I check out of a site?

If you have checked in via the 1Breadcrumb app…

  • Press the ‘Profile’ button at the bottom of the screen
  • Press the red ‘Check Out’ button
  • Answer any check out questions
  • Press the green ‘Check Out’ button

If automatic check-in has been enabled on your site, 1Breadcrumb will automatically check you out of site after you exit the geofenced bubble


If you have been manually checked in to a site via a hosted check in, ask the relevant host to check you out by…

    • Pressing the red ‘Check Out’ button
    • Answering the relevant check out questions
    • Pressing the green ‘Check Out’ button

Please note if you have checked in via the webform check in, check out will occur automatically after a designated time determined by the administrator.

Why does background location need to be enabled?

This needs to be enabled so the app can successfully register that you have entered a site, and automatically check you into a site that you have previously checked into before.

Why does 1Breadcrumb want to access my Motion & Fitness Activity?

This setting is required to optimise your battery usage and use under 1% of your battery life over the course of a day.

Does 1Breadcrumb collect my location data?

No, 1Breadcrumb only registers your location when you are within a site geofence. Individual movement tracking never occurs and your location data outside of the site geofence is not shared with 1Breadcrumb.

How do I view my history log?

To view your personal history log of all timestamped check in and check out times from a site …

  • Press the ‘History’ button at the bottom of the page

If you need more detailed information regarding your time spent on-site…

  • Scroll down to your preferred site you’d like to see details about
  • Press the white ‘i’ button on the right-hand side of the site to reveal basic timestamped information

Who can view my history?

Only the administrators have access to a record of who has checked in and out of their site. Your personal history of all past sites you have checked in and out of is only available for you to view.

How does the app work as a logbook?

Each user’s 1Breadcrumb app keeps a record of all past site check-ins. This information can be viewed at any time on a user’s 1Breadcrumb app under the ‘History’ tab and is an easy way to keep a site logbook.

Can I delete my history?

No, you cannot delete your history.

What’s an announcement?

An announcement is a notification that can appear on check-in with links to important information. Announcements can be in the form of videos, links, PDF’s or images and are a simple way to disperse information to large groups of people.

How do I set up or edit an announcement?

This function is only available with the host check in capability.

  • Press the ‘Host Check In’ button at the bottom of the page
  • At the top left hand side of the screen, press the 3 lines button ‘=’
  • Press the yellow ‘Site Announcements’ button
  • Press the blue circular ‘+’ button on the bottom right side of the screen
  • Select ‘Create new announcement’, or select a current announcement to edit
  • Fill in the relevant announcement title
  • Select announcement type
  • Upload information as a PDF, Video, Text, Youtube Video, Image, Audio or External Link
  • Make sure the ‘Is Active’ toggle is switched to blue to be turned on and displayed to visitors
  • Press the green ‘Submit’ button

To rearrange the announcement list, hold the announcement you’d like to move and drag it to the correct order you’d like it to be in.

To delete an announcement, press the red trash can button.

To update an announcement, press the yellow up button, and select a new PDF, image, link or audio file.

What happens when I turn off a site from being public?

Turning a site from public to private will mean the site can no longer be viewed by everyone for check-in on the 1Breadcrumb app. Instead, a site can only be checked in to by scanning its unique QR code.

Can anyone set up a site?

No, only managers who have access to the online portal can create a geofenced site.

Can everyone see my site?

If your geofence setting on your site has been set to public, any user with the 1Breadcrumb app has the ability to check in and check out within the site boundary If your geofence setting has been set to private (e.g. your geofenced site is at your Grandma’s house!), only those on site with access to the private site’s QR code can check-in to the site. The public cannot view this site or check in without this private QR code.

How can I be notified when a site is nearby?

To be notified of nearby sites, ensure push notifications for 1Breadcrumb are enabled under your phone settings. To receive site nearby notifications, press the grey settings button on the bottom right corner of your app, and flick the ‘notify when a new site is nearby’ toggle to blue.

How do I turn notifications on/off?

To turn off 1Breadcrumb notifications, go to your phone settings and under 1Breadcrumb app settings turn notifications to OFF.

How can I share 1Breadcrumb?

To share the 1Breadcrumb app, in your own app, press the grey settings cog in the bottom right-hand corner. Press the orange ‘Advanced Settings’ button, followed by ‘Share 1Breadcrumb’.

Can I log out of my app?

You can log out at anytime in your 1Breadcrumb app. Simply press the grey ‘Settings’ cog, followed by the orange ‘Advanced Settings Button’. Here you can log out.

How do I change my password?

Your password can be changed at anytime in your 1Breadcrumb app. Simply press the grey ‘Settings’ cog, followed by the orange ‘Advanced Settings Button’. Here you can change your password.

How do I log in to my organisation’s 1Breadcrumb web portal?

You can log in to your webportal by visiting www.1breadcrumb.com and pressing the ‘Login’ button on the top right of the screen. Please note that to log in to your organizations portal you must have a 1Breadcrumb profile (which can be created by downloading the free 1Breadcrumb app), as well as administrative powers.

How can I check-in someone that doesn’t have a phone?

Those without a phone can be checked in via a hosted check-in. Hosts can check in visitors using the host check-in function on their app. Simply press the host check-in button on the bottom of your 1Breadcrumb app, press the ‘Manual Check-In’ drop-down box, and fill in the visitor’s details. Alternatively, if you’re using a computer, log into the 1Breadcrumb webportal press the ‘Host Check-In/Out’ button, and manually fill in visitor details.

Can I import multiple sites at once?

Yes. To import multiple sites at once, press the blue ‘Import Sites’ button, download the sample CSV file, fill in the rows with your site information and upload.

I can’t add a new site - the green button is not there?

If you cannot add a new site to your portal, this means your maximum site capacity has been reached. You either need to delete a site or upgrade your plan.

What is a site template?

A site template is created to give company/site hosts the ability to create new 1Breadcrumb sites from their mobile device. Once a site template has been created, company/site hosts can create a new site anywhere.

How do I adjust my geofence?

To adjust the geofence, on the left-hand sidebar press ‘Sites’, ‘Manage Site’, ‘Edit Info’. Scroll down and adjust the site radius to a larger size. Please note that sites cannot be larger than 500 meters in radius.

How do I update my site location?

To update site location, click ‘Sites’, ‘Manage Site’, ‘Edit Info’. Scroll to the bottom of the page and fill in the site address with your new site location information.

What kind of questions can I ask?

Questions are fully customizable and can be answered with a ‘Yes/No’, ‘Options’ (Single/Multi-Select), ‘Text’ or ‘File’.

How do I add questions to all jobs?

To add a question to all jobs, in your webportal press ‘Comms Editor’, ‘Questions’, ‘Add to All Sites’.

How do I check what questions were answered on a check-in?

Answers to questions can be viewed on the webportal by clicking ‘Reports’, ‘Activity Report’. Fill in the relevant information, check the ‘Include Answers’ box, and hit search. All answers to questions will be available to view and are able to be exported as a CSV by pressing the green ‘Export as CSV’ button.

How do I set up triggers and automations?

To set up triggers and automations for questions, click ‘Comms Editor’, ‘Questions’, ‘Manage Triggers and Automations’

How do I add an announcement to all sites?

Go to ‘Comms Editor’, ‘Announcements’. To add an announcement to all sites, press the red ‘+’ button under the announcement you’d like to add to all sites.

Can I make an announcement pop up when a user checks in?

To notify users of an announcement on check-in, on the left-hand sidebar press ‘Sites’, ‘Announcements’. Create a new announcement for the site, or add an announcement that has already been created, and change the announcement mode from ‘Silent’ to ‘Notify’. Now, when users enter the site this announcement will pop up on their screen and prompt users to view it.

How can I verify an announcement has been seen?

To verify an announcement has been viewed, click ‘Reports’, ‘Activity Report’. Select the date and times for when you’d like to view when the announcement was viewed. If you’d like to see if a specific person has viewed an announcement set on the day, enter their name or phone number. Press the orange ‘Search’ button. If an announcement has been viewed, an icon under a person’s blue ‘View Answers’ button on the record will appear (e.g. a yellow camera, a green picture frame, etc.).

What is a scannable?

A scannable is a tool that can be used to collect information to register visitor interest or use of an item. This information can be added to a guest’s check-in history and shared with others. Administrators with access to the webportal simply set up a scannable group and enter the item specific information to generate an item QR code. For visitors to use a scannable, all they need to do is scan the item’s QR code.

How do I set up a scannable?

Scannables can be set up under the webportal on the left-hand side menu press ‘Scannables’, enter the new scannable group titles, and press the orange ‘Add New Group’ button. To add new items to this group with their own unique Scannable QR code, press the green ‘Items’ button on the group you’d like to add the item to, fill in the specific product information. A unique QR code to this product will now be generated and able to be used at a site.

What is a scannable group?

A scannable group is a general term for a category or group of items that are similar (e.g. cushions, chairs, dining sets).

What is a scannable item?

A scannable item is a specific product that falls under a scannable group category. For example, a scannable group may be labeled as ‘Cushions’, and have scannable items such as ‘White Shag Cushion’, ‘Matte Black Sequined Cushion’, ‘Blue Velvet Cushion’ etc. Scannable items have their own individual QR codes for visitors to scan, unlike a scannable group.

What is a frequent user?

A frequent user is someone who has the ability to check in to a private site (versus a public site) via their 1Breadcrumb app. They can also have auto check-in capabilities on private sites. Users who are not added to a frequent user list will only be able to check in to a private site by scanning the site QR code or via a hosted check in.

What is a visitor group?

A visitor group allows users to be split into categories based on their reason for checking into the site. By creating visitor groups, businesses have the ability to tailor check-in and check-out questions more specifically to visitors.

For example, you may want guests to answer different questions when checking in compared to employees, and so would use the visitor group function to ask certain check-in and check-out questions to appropriate guests.

What is a blocked user?

A blocked user is someone who has been blocked by the company from having the ability to check in to a site

What is a company host?

A company host is essentially an administrator. This person generally has the ability to see all activity across all sites and has the ability to edit or change site settings company-wide.

What is a site host?

A site host is an administrator – but only for certain sites in the company. You can also give site hosts certain permissions so they can only perform a limited number of actions to a site. For larger companies, giving site supervisors the ability to edit, view, or change their specific sites is helpful.

What is a tagged user?

A tagged user is someone who has been labeled in the system. This could be for a number of reasons but would be most likely due to answering check in questions incorrectly and therefore being tagged as unsafe or unsuitable to enter the site. Tags can trigger automated emails to company hosts to let them know that someone has been tagged as a safety risk.

How can I check attendance on site?

Live attendance on-site can be checked on the 1Breadcrumb app under the Host Check-In section hamburger menu by clicking ‘Live Attendance’, or in the ‘Live Attendance’ section under ‘Reports’ on your 1Breadcrumb web portal.

Can I check someone out if I know they have left the site?

Visitors can be manually checked out of the site by using the hosted check-in/out function. Those who are designated hosts have the ability to check people out via their phones. To check someone out on the hosted check-in function via the app, press the ‘Host Check-In’ button at the bottom of the screen, followed by the red ‘Check-Out’ button. To check out a user via the web portal, on the left-hand sidebar press the ‘Host Check-In/Out’ button, hit the grey ‘Check-Out’ tab, followed by the red ‘Check-Out’ button under the person you’d like to check out.

Can a receptionist use the computer to check people in with 1Breadcrumb?

Yes. To be manually checked in via the webportal, click ‘Host Check-In/Out’ and provide your full name and phone number.

Is my people on site number true?

Yes, your people on-site number are reflective of all those who are currently checked-in to the site. Should patrons, not check-in or not check-out, this number may be inaccurate.

Can I get notified when there are too many people?

Yes. To be notified when the max people on site has been reached, click ‘Site’, ‘Manage Site’, ‘Edit Info’, ‘Max People On-Site Mode’. Change ‘Max People On-Site Mode’ to send an email to the site supervisor, and enter the supervisor’s email address you would like to be notified.

What’s an Activity Report?

An activity report shows check-in activity over a period of time and includes a total number of check-ins at a site, how each users questions were answered, timestamped check-in and check-out times, if announcements were viewed, and if a user was tagged.

What is a Scheduled Report?

A scheduled report allows for administrators to receive the activity report at a scheduled time via email each week. Setting up a scheduled report is a great way to get a weekly glance about business activities, and can be used to reconcile workers for time spent on site.

When would I use a scheduled report?

Setting up a scheduled report is a great way to get a weekly glance at business activities, and can be used to reconcile workers for time spent on site.

How do I do a daily briefing?

Daily briefings can be created in the announcements section of the webportal. To create a new daily briefing, press ‘Comms Editor’, ‘Announcements’. Create a new video announcement by selecting ‘Type’ as ‘Video’, upload the file, and press the orange ‘Add New Announcement’ button. To add this daily briefing to all sites, press the red ‘+’ button. To add the briefing to a specific site, click ‘Sites’, and choose the site you’d like to add the briefing too. Then click ‘Announcements’, ‘Add New Announcement’.

What’s an emergency alarm and how does it work?

The emergency alarm has the ability to send a custom text message to the phone number used by those currently checked in on a site.

What’s the video tutorials?

Video tutorials give those with access to the webportal guided step by step instructions on how to use the 1Breadcrumb webportal features.

To view our mobile app help guide, Click here.

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