Make Sports Club Record-Keeping Simple!

Streamline your club venue visitor, player, and umpire check-in, ensure risk & safety compliance, securely keep records for contract tracing, spread club newsletters and rosters, and more!

  • Fully digital, automated, club visitor record-keeping
  • Multiple ways to check-in to the club venue – including QR code, via our 1Breadcrumb app, and via a hosted manual check-in
  • Easy access to contact tracing and activity reports
  • Ability to easily spread information such as club rosters and newsletters

No Lock In Contract | Easy Set Up | Cancel Anytime

Stress Free Player And Spectator Management

Clubs and venues can quickly check in their visitors, ask fully customizable questions on entry and exit, monitor event engagement, display and disperse critical information, and ensure safety and compliance across all grounds and operations.
How our customers are using 1Breadcrumb at their club:
- Contact free, digital record keeping of all players, coaches, referees, and supporters to comply with COVID safe plans
- Collect visitor information and club feedback with check in questions
- Disperse information such as fixtures, newsletters and canteen menus
- Display links to sign up sheets and websites
Simple Visitor Check In

Guests can check in via:
1. Manually or automatically with the free 1Breadcrumb app by scanning the QR code or pressing the green 'Check In' button
3. Scanning the club QR code with your phone camera and checking in via the web form
4. A hosted check in, where venue staff can enter the details on the entrant’s behalf

Securely Keep All Visitor Information On File

1Breadcrumb is a fully encrypted system to ensure personal privacy is always protected

Custom Check-in Questions

Create your own visitor check in questions. Screen patrons for health risks and collect valuable data about who is visiting your club

Get Real Time Feedback

Ask guests for feedback about club events on check out to collect real time data about how to create a better experience and get spectators and players coming back year after year

Stress Free Record Keeping

Quick access to accurate timestamped details of all patrons.

Easy Workplace Mapping and Compliance with Government Regulations

Have complete and accurate digital records on who players and spectators have been in contact with and have an easy way of notifying entrants of a COVID outbreak if the need arises.

Don't want another app?
We've got you covered with our multiple check in options!

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How Does It Work?

  • 1
    Contactless Check In:

    After downloading the 1Breadcrumb app, visitors simply press check in on their device or scan the unique printable QR site code to automatically check in to the premises. After answering the custom questions, you're good to go! Once checked in, visitors can use the geofence for even quicker check out, and check-in automatically the next time they enter the site

  • 2
    Automatically Record Info and Spread Club Info:

    Have instant access to visitor information to assist with player and volunteer management, and disperse club info such as rosters and newsletters

  • 3
    Optional Check-Out Questions:

    Improve club communications with real time, feedback on incidents on check-out


No Lock In Contract | Easy Set Up | Cancel Anytime

How Do You Get Started? Easy Site Set Up In Under 5 Minutes!

Set up your site, and get access to simple visitor management in less than 5 minutes!
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    Select Your Pricing Package:

    Select your personalized sports club pricing package at the bottom of the page for special non-for-profit pricing.

  • 2
    Set Up Your Site:

    Log in to your club dashboard and set up your questions, announcements and first site. You'll have access to our full academy videos for easy, hassle free setup.

  • 3
    Start Using Your Club's Geofence and QR Code:

    Start recording your club attendance and digitally managing players and volunteers


No Lock In Contract | Easy Set Up | Cancel Anytime

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