1Breadcrumb Raises $4 Million to Fuel International Expansion

We’re thrilled to announce that 1Breadcrumb has successfully raised $4 million AUD in a funding round led by Five V Capital. This investment marks a significant milestone in our journey to revolutionise worksite safety and operational efficiency as we continue our growth in Australia and New Zealand while expanding further into the UK and US markets.

This success wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication and hard work of our incredible team. Our values of building strong relationships, empowering people and having a go-getter attitude has driven 1Breadcrumb to new heights, and we’re just getting started. 

Expanding Our Global Footprint

Our unique ground-up approach to digital transformation in high-risk industries is making waves. Initially focused on the construction sector, we aim to become the default operating system for worksites, enhancing safety and productivity. With over 25,000 subcontractors and 300,000 site workers across Australia and the UK already using our system, we’re well on our way to achieving this goal.

In Australia, where 65% of construction sites still rely on paper-based workflows, our software is streamlining safety requirements for subcontractors and site workers. By syncing instantly with general contractors’ project management tools like Procore, we save time and reduce the bottleneck of manual administration and compliance paperwork.

Our customers say it best:

Don Fowler, SHEQ Manager at JWLand says: “I really like that you can have it on your mobile phone and be on site and have access to all that info. This app lets me send push notifications to everyone on site in an instant. That’s critical for safety. It’s a great system for anyone serious about providing oversight over your subcontractor workforce.”

How we’re Digitising Construction

The construction site is still managed with a siloed approach to on-site meetings, compliance paper trails, phone calls, and text messages, creating a bottleneck of confusing documentation and hours of manual administration.

Rather than take the head-office down approach, we began with the needs of the individuals on-site in mind, providing a straightforward platform to allow transparency between the general contractors and the workers, with an easy-to-follow digital application for compliance and site issues.

Once onboard, contractors are taking 1Breadcrumb with them as they move between sites and other general contractor projects, taking away the pain of duplicating paperwork or learning a new platform.

This creates huge opportunities for the future growth of 1Breadcrumb and drives digital transformation in the construction industry from the ground up.

As Andy Simmonds, Business Development Manager, QOB says: “We’re trusted more now to do larger projects compared to two years ago. The increased efficiency and productivity have led to improved project outcomes, client satisfaction, and overall business success.”

What’s Next

As we continue to innovate and expand globally, we’re excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. With Five V Capital’s support, we’re tapping into the global $12 trillion construction market, filling the missing pieces in the technology stack for high-risk industries.

“1Breadcrumb is filling in the missing pieces from the technology stack for high-risk industries with an easy-to-use model for site workers that connects to general contractors in a click,” says Five V Capital’s Chris Gillings. “Australia is leading the global trend towards digitisation of the construction industry with its highly regulated market, and high labor and materials costs forcing sites to look towards technology to drive efficiencies and increase margins. 1Breadcrumb increases productivity gains by giving the workers on-site a voice, collecting the valuable data they hold, and sharing it with those responsible for the project.”

Thank You for Your Support

We’re grateful for the support of our investors, partners, and users as we continue to drive the digitisation of high-risk industries and position ourselves as a pivotal player in worksite safety. Here’s to the next chapter of growth and innovation!

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