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Integrated Construction Systems:
Digitally Advancing Project Management with a Focus on Quality & Safety

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Created to deliver fit-out and refurbishment projects in the commercial and private sector
within London and the home counties, QOB has grown into a well-respected and trusted
specialist contractor.


Faster induction process


Enhanced overall Quality & Safety


Quicker snagging process


Like many growing construction companies in the UK, QOB Interiors were using both paper and standard Microsoft Office programs for their project management, and quality and safety processes. These processes required constant time and resource commitment to organise and file at project site level; a lot of this time was dedicated to ensuring statutory and business compliance of the safety documentation.

With this pressure on resources and time constraints, the process of gathering and organising relevant documents became arduous whilst remaining necessary. This could lead to delays in obtaining necessary information and affect the overall efficiency of administrative processes.


QOB implemented Procore as their project management tool. Shortly after, it rolled out 1Breadcrumb to manage all safety processes. QOB now uses Procore as its main source of information. Inductions, RAMS and permits documents completed in 1Breadcrumb are automatically converted to PDF files and pushed to their Procore Documents tool.

Additionally, all site attendance data is translated into Man Hours in their Procore Site Diary. “The integration is nice and simple”, says Construction Manager, Sam Beadle. “Using Procore and 1Breadcrumb reduced a lot of paperwork and ensured the information was still relevant.”


Overall, by utilising the system, their teams have streamlined administrative processes and reduced manual workload. This has allowed them to allocate more time to on-site activities.

“The increased efficiency and productivity have led to improved project outcomes, client satisfaction, and overall business success.” – Andy Simmonds | Business Development Manager

Importantly, QOB is a stronger candidate for greater tenders. As Business Development Manager, Andy Simmonds explains, “We’re trusted more now to do larger projects compared to two years ago. Large-scale projects require seamless collaboration among team members, departments, and even external stakeholders. When we demonstrate the use of Procore and 1Breadcrumb, it contributes immensely to instilling confidence in clients.”

Preview of how construction systems Procore and 1Breadcrumb deliver a holistic Q&S solution.

Paperwork: A Full-Time Job

On any construction site, the amount of paperwork between safety, quality, plans, and finances alone can be overwhelming. In numerous cases, project and site teams find themselves limited to working from offices, which can pose challenges when it comes to overseeing site operations. Before QOB rolled out Procore and 1Breadcrumb, “The time paperwork took was not only time-consuming but also created inefficiencies and limitations in managing tasks and information.” says Sam.

For smaller construction companies, paper is usually the easiest and most practical option when starting out, but in order to achieve continued growth, paper processes soon become problematic and have to be replaced. “When you move into larger projects, you must have these types of systems in place”, says Andy.

It is no secret that managing projects with paper-based systems can be inefficient, however, companies rarely see how detrimental it is to business output. Many discuss the inefficiencies of completing paperwork on site, but few address the issue of having to organise that paperwork afterwards. Prior to QOB’s shift towards a digital structure, “a vast amount of paperwork had to be filed correctly before, during and after construction”, says Sam.

“Paperwork can be a one-person job in itself.” – Sam Beadle | Construction Manager

Now, all project documentation is accessible in Procore. Project plans are just one of the many items maintained in Procore that can be shared with site teams and contractors. As Sam describes, “Instead of physically searching through the office for drawings, our teams can access the drawings they need on the system from anywhere, at any time, confident that we are reviewing the latest revision.”

Sam also mentioned that “Traditional permit management was time consuming and overwhelming – 1Beadcrumb has been a game changer in streamlining that process – and I can access everything on my computer or phone in real time.”

Inductions & RAMS: A Daily Delay

The induction process with 1Breadcrumb is in most cases, autonomous.

As Beadle explains, “The induction process is about 5 minutes now, which could have taken 45 minutes before 1Breadcrumb was rolled out, and is more about individual engagement with the operatives. It also means that workers can induct themselves prior to arriving on site or when they first access the project, rather than a member of the site management team inducting a group, and then often having to repeat the induction process for late arrivals.”

Then there is the icing on the cake – Sam receives a notification that an induction has been completed, at which point he goes to 1Breadcrumb to approve it. He can later log into Procore and see the completed induction. He can filter through inductions by name, project or contractor, and see all associated licences, tickets and competencies. It also creates efficiencies for the workers, Simmonds explains – “Once they sign on to 1Breadcrumb, they can go from site to site with their profile and all their information carries across.”

RAMS are slightly more complex, but the team is experiencing similar conveniences. Before 1Breadcrumb, “most contractors would arrive on site with their RAMS’ ready to complete the works,” says Beadle. “If there was an issue with a set of RAMS, it’s a case of stopping work, going through and changing the RAMS, which could take a day or two before you get it back from the contractor”.

Now, “The review and sign-off process just makes sense,” says Lee. Many of the contractors will upload the RAMS a few days earlier, providing the team with ample time to review the RAMS. If changes need to be made, “you can amend it and send an alert out to rebrief the workers. Then they sign-off on the changes and they can start working again.”

“The amount of time that saves is incredible.” – Lee Watson | Senior Project Manager

“I love that you can then go back and check the RAMS at any time,” adds Watson. Furthermore, the integration between the systems means that the QOB team can see all RAMS, version amendments and sign-off registers from both 1Breadcrumb or Procore.

Snagging: From Excel to Excellent

Procore offers a comprehensive Quality module that includes tools such as Incidents, Observations, and Inspections. However, there is one feature that stands out to Beadle – snagging in ITP’s (Inspection Test Plans) with Procore’s Snag List tool.

“In the past, I would take photos of problem areas on site with handwritten notes, then return to my desk to organise the information over the next four to five hours in something like an excel spreadsheet.” A standard inspection in the past would be a tedious and time-consuming task.

“Now a 50 item audit takes 10 minutes.” – Sam Beadle | Construction Manager

“I take a photo on my phone, write a comment, and assign it to a contractor who is then responsible for closing it out. They will get a notification, and once they complete the task, they will send an image back with a comment. Then I can approve it and sign off.” With Procore’s snagging solution, the defecting process is infallible and quality assurance is evidently enhanced.

Additionally, QOB can combat the possibility of project progress falling behind when certain scheduled areas are neglected. “We can add comments and progress photos through Procore to track everything and identify which areas need to be emphasised,” says Sam.

Final Outcome

“As a company that has experienced significant growth over the last two years, embracing digital systems is not just necessary but vital for our ongoing success”, says Andy.

“By incorporating Procore and 1Breadcrumb into our operations, we have enhanced efficiency, improved data management, streamlined collaboration, enhanced the customer experience, and achieved scalability.” Moreover, it contributes to a more sustainable work environment by reducing paper waste and unnecessary printing.

“As we continue to grow and take on larger projects, these systems will undoubtedly play a crucial role in our ability to deliver exceptional results and maintain our position as a trusted industry leader.”

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